ORG Consult is proud of representing its partners in Mexico. As part of our representation services, we are the first contact for our partner´s customers in Mexico and offer them support with commercial and technical matters.

We cover through our cooperations a variety of products of several industries meeting the needs and demands of the Mexican market.


Plastic Injection Components  and Molds for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

With over 20 years of international experience, our partner for plastic components has excellent references all over the world at all levels. His sense for quality and urgency makes him a reliable and cost-efficient supplier.


Crop Protection at its best.

 To develop an innovative portfolio of high technology with a low environmental impact, our partner selects the key biological targets, carries out a dedicated dose rate screening in the laboratory and field. Thus, an outstanding performance and quality of his products is guaranteed.


Both of our partners for mining equipment and solutions have been successfully operating in the international market for over 20 years with continuous dynamic growth.

They have established a significant positioning among producers of:

  • Special electronics
  • Automatic Fuel Samplers especially for mining industry and power industry
  • The design and implementation of Coal Quality Management Systems for coal homogenization, manufacture of On-line Continuous Coal Quality Analysers,
  • Manufacture of Automatic Fuel Samplers and manufacture of Oxygen Analysers for combustion optimization and heating efficiency in power-plants, heating-plants, and industrial incineration plants.
  • The design development of own solutions for basic machines for the treatment of aggregates, especially crushers and screens
  • The development of application know-how, based on an efficient business component
  • The installation and after-sales service, including spare parts.