ORG Consult is proud of representing its partners in Mexico and North America. As part of our representation services, we are the first contact for your customers in North America and offer them support with commercial. But also, if you do not have any customers in overseas yet, we are happy to help! Promoting your good will, services and products, we take care of the acquisition of new customers for you to open the door to the huge market in North America.

We cover through our cooperations a variety of products of several industries meeting the needs and demands of the Mexican market.


Torque tools and assembly automation solutions for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

With over 30 years of international experience, our partner for assembly automation has excellent references all over the world at all levels with its future-oriented torque tools and automation solutions.

His sense for precision, quality and urgency has already turned him into a trust-worthy ally in axle assemblies, among others. His customers estimate him as a reliable and cost-efficient partner in North America, serving everything out of one source.

Technical Project Management, Sales and Consulting for Body-in-White Tool Making.

Our partner iTDP GmbH has more than 100 years of bundled experience in stamping tools and dies within the premium Automotive Industry. 

Offering a state-of-the-art Project Management and a regional support globally with outstanding partners,he cooperates with successful and highly qualified and certified tool makers to deliver premium tools to its prestigious customers in Europe and Asia,who consider him a valuable source for high-class tools.

Targeting the North America market, iTDP GmbH is excited to continue its success-story by convincing and impressing his customers in North America.


Crop Protection at its best.

 To develop an innovative portfolio of high technology with a low environmental impact, our partner selects the key biological targets, carries out a dedicated dose rate screening in the laboratory and field. Thus, an outstanding performance and quality of his products is guaranteed.